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Metaphoric associative cards «Portable Journey to the subconscious»

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Brand: Psychology of wonderful future
Structure of deck: 46 cards of А6 format
Author: Olga Suprunova

ISBN: 978-985-15-0333-7
Year of release: 2020
Size: 10,5×7,5×12,5 mm
Weight: 85 g
Description: Would you like to understand yourself more deeply, find out who you really are, and see the whole world? Now you can go anywhere on the planet, see the most beautiful places, and at the same time, learn a lot about yourself and your clients!


Thanks to different countries of the world, you will make an exciting journey to your subconscious: you will discover new opportunities and resources, you will be able to learn how to solve psychological problems, overcome depression, fears, anxiety states, and adjust the emotional sphere. Maps are effective in the work of a psychologist and will be useful not only for professionals, but also for people who are not familiar with psychology.
Journey to the Subconscious Mind ® - these are maps that will help you to deeply analyze yourself psychologically, solve psychological problems and become happier.
How the deck works:
1. Lay out 8 black and white cards:
2. When thinking about your question or a difficult situation, choose 8 color cards according to their attractiveness and put them on top of the black and white cards:
3. Turn over the cards and learn their interpretation:
The most beautiful capitals of the world: New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Prague, Buenos Aires, Barcelona; amazing countries: Singapore, China, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Austria, India, USA, Greenland, Great Britain, and of course, Russia; stunning and fascinating places of the planet: volcanoes, glaciers, lakes and mountain peaks, deserts and waterfalls, ancient castles; wonders of the world: pyramids, ancient temples and many other amazing places, ranging from east to west, from north to south, from hot Africa to icy Antarctica will allow you to rediscover yourself and your customers from a new, unknown side, solve psychological problems and help you to be happy.
The deck can be used: in a private consultation with a psychologist, in working with several patients, in psychological training, or simply at home. It will reveal your psychological state, and most importantly-lift your mood and inspire!
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