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Metaphoric associative cards "Portable Mystery's code of kids subconscious mind"

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Brand: Psychology of Wonderful Future
Deck composition: 24 cards
Author: Olga Suprunova
Year of issue: 2019
Size: 10,5×7,5×12,5 mm
Weight: 50 g
ISBN: 978-985-15-0034-7

Description: The cards will help you find out the peculiarities of the child’s subconscious mind, his relationship with parents and peers, the peculiarities of the psycho-emotional state, strategies for overcoming difficult life situations, life scenario, as well as the characteristics of the child himself.


How the deck works:
1. Lay out 8 black and white cards in front of the child:
2. Ask the child to choose 8 color cards according to their attractiveness and put them on top:
3. Turn over the cards and learn their interpretation:
The secret code of the child's subconscious ® is a cards that will not only help you rediscover your child, but also help make his life more joyful and happy.
This deck can be used not only by children, but also by adults. If you want to see for yourself how accurately and effectively the deck works, follow the instructions of the cards, and you will see that these cards really work and always help effectively.
The "Secret Code of the child's subconscious" deck can be used anywhere and with anyone: in a private consultation with a psychologist, in working with several children, in psychological training, or simply at home. It will reveal the psychological state of your child, identify the psychological problem, and most importantly, give effective recommendations, cheer up and inspire!
The deck is designed for both professional psychologists and people who are not familiar with psychology, which will help to cope with any child problem.

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