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Metaphoric associative cards «Portable Mystery's code of subconscious mind»

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Publishing House: Psychology of Wonderful Future

Structure of deck: 46 cards of А6 format

Weight: 91 g

Description: Introducing you to cards that are a wonderful psychoanalyst! They will reveal the secrets of any subconscious and give effective recommendations!


At all times, space has fascinated people. And today, looking at the images of the Hubble telescope, we do not cease to admire its beauty.
With the help of a new deck, amazingly beautiful photos of the universe will open the most secret corners of your subconscious. This technique will allow you to deeply know yourself and your customers, and beautiful pictures will not leave anyone indifferent. Now you will put everything on the shelves!
The secret code of the subconscious Mind is your personal psychoanalyst who will decipher the" thoughts " of the subconscious mind about various situations in order to choose the most correct strategy.
How the "Secret code of the subconscious mind" works»
1. Lay out 8 black-and-white cards in front of you:
2. When thinking about your question or difficult situation, choose 8 color cards according to their attractiveness and put them on top of the black and white cards:
3. Turn the cards over and learn their interpretation on the back:
This kit will help you:
decipher the "thoughts" of your subconscious mind on literally any occasion regarding any situation;
more deeply understand yourself, your psychological state and the state of your clients, become more aware;
find a way out of any current situation.
Cards contribute to:
deeper self-knowledge;
relaxation and relaxation;
relieving psychological stress and psychological defenses;
improving mood.
The deck can be used:
in a private consultation with a psychologist;
at training sessions;
independently, at home.
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