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Metaphoric associative cards "Portable Psychologic Amur"

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Publishing House: Psychology of Wonderful Future
Structure of deck: 56 cards of А6 format
Weight: 111 g


Metaphorical associative cards "Portable Psychologic Amur"

The deck diagnoses:
Romantic Relationship Scenario type: The deck will tell you what scenario in the relationship you are currently going through, how to avoid possible mistakes in the relationship, or how to correct past mistakes.
Analyzes behavior in a romantic relationship: the deck can tell you in detail not only how you treat your loved one, behave towards him, but also how your loved one treats you in a relationship, what he feels, what goals he pursues, what he likes and what he does not; gives recommendations on how to improve relations with a loved one.
Installations in love: you will learn what your and your partner's attitudes in love are, how to find an approach to a loved one; how to improve relationships with the opposite sex.
How the Psychological Cupid deck works
The deck is built on the basis of a diagnostic test of gender attitudes of men and women, as well as on the basis of fairy-tale therapy. It works on the principle of Lusher cards (you choose 8 cards based on the principle of attractiveness, and then learn their decoding) and phototherapy.
1. Lay out 8 black-and-white cards in front of you:

2. Thinking about your favorite person, choose 8 color cards according to their attractiveness:

3. Turn over the cards, including black and white, and thus learn the interpretation of the cards:
Psychological cupid-a deck of cards that will help make your behavior in relationships more conscious, and your relationship - more joyful and happy!
The deck is designed for:
Professional psychological diagnostics of married couples;
Diagnostics of romantic relationships of adults;
It can be used as a diagnostic tool in psychological training, as well as as a self-knowledge tool for improving relationships in love.
Cards contribute to:
Self-knowledge of your style in love, as well as a better understanding of your partner;
Establishing contact and communication between two loving people;
Raising the mood and self-confidence in relationships with the opposite sex;
Improve the relationship in love, as well as
Activating your subconscious mind;
Removing psychological defenses;
To clarify the relationship.
Cards are of the associative (projective/metaphorical) type. The set consists of 56 cards.
The deck can be used:
in a private consultation with a psychologist;
at training sessions;
independently, as a tool of self-knowledge.
Who will use these cards:
If you want to create a relationship, or are already in a relationship and want to understand them, improve them-these maps will help you;
If you want to understand yourself and understand how you relate and communicate with the opposite sex — this deck will help you;
If you want to help someone or work with couples as a psychologist/psychotherapist, then this deck is perfect for you as a diagnostic;
If you conduct training, then you will also need this deck, which will help you quickly and reliably diagnose interpersonal intimate relationships, while the person does not even have to talk about his problem — all the cards will "say" for him.
If you are in a relationship that has exhausted itself and do not know what to do, then you will also need this deck.
This deck will help:
understand your subconscious scenarios and behavior in relationships, conduct a style analysis in love;
become aware of your partner's behavior towards you;
improve your relationship or become aware of and rethink past relationship experiences.
The difference between this set and other metaphorical cards:
First, these cards contain the maximum number of behaviors and psychological attitudes that a person can resort to while in a romantic relationship.
Secondly, the cards contain the maximum number of scenarios in love that a person in love can find themselves in.
Third, the recommendations that are given in the book-guide, differ not only in psychological orientation and wisdom, but also in ease of implementation. They help to bring the relationship to a new, more mature level, and also set up a positive mood.
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