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Metaphoric associative cards "Portable Psychologic designer of the future"

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Brand: Psychology of Wonderful Future
Deck composition: 48 cards
Author: Olga Suprunova
Year of issue: 2019
Size: 10,5×7,5×12,5 mm
Weight: 80 g
ISBN: 978-985-15-0799-7
Description: Tired of contacting fortune-tellers about your future and future destiny? Do you read horoscopes, but they are ineffective? Do you want to change your future for the better? We present to you cards that, without the help of fortune-telling, will do all of the above, but without the help of magic, but with the help of the science of psychology!


The deck diagnoses the future that a person's subconscious sees in 3 spheres:
1. Health
2. Love and relationships
3. Work and career
Choosing one of the three areas, you will learn in detail:
Goals, desires and aspirations in the chosen field in the future;
Attitude to the situation or fate in the chosen field;
How to solve the problem and find happiness in the future in the chosen field;
How to fix the past and change the future.
How the deck works:
Spread out 9 black and white cards in front of you, depending on whether you want to learn and change your past or future:
2. Select 8 color cards according to their attractiveness and overlay them on top of the black and white cards:
3. Turn over the colored and black-and-white cards and learn their interpretation:
The deck is designed for:
Professional psychological diagnostics ;
It can be used as a diagnostic tool in psychological training, as well as as a tool for self-knowledge and self-improvement.
The set includes: 43 cards with a guide book (45 pages).

The deck will help:

become more aware of your future and your destiny;
change a difficult situation for the better;
tune in to the positive, harmony and calm.
Cards contribute to:
removing psychological defenses;
activating your subconscious mind;
creating a passionate, relaxed atmosphere.
These cards are of the associative (projective/metaphorical) type. They can be used:
in a private consultation with a psychologist;
at training sessions;
independently, as a tool for diagnosis and self-knowledge.
The difference between this set and other metaphorical cards:
First, these maps are able not only to diagnose the direction of the human-designed future, but also to diagnose the degree of psychological health of the individual.
Secondly, the cards can be used by both children and adults.
Third, thanks to the deck, you can not only realize, but also change the projection of your future (or difficult situation) in a better positive way.
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