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Metaphoric associative cards «Portable Psychologic illusionist»

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Publishing House: Psychology of Wonderful Future
Structure of the deck: 34 cards of А6 format
Weight: 59 g

Description: Each of us dreams of a miracle: a kind wizard would appear, wave a magic wand and fulfill all our wishes, solve all problems, suggest how to be and how to do the right thing in a particular situation. «Psychological magician» is a set of associative (metaphorical) maps, which will help not only solve problems, but also fulfill cherished desires, although there is no magic here, but only psychology.


Each of us dreams that in a difficult situation a wise person will appear, and tell us how to be and how to do the right thing in a particular situation. "Psychological magician" is a set of associative (metaphorical) cards that will help not only solve problems, but also see the meaning of each difficult situation.
How the "Portable Psychological Illusionist" works»
1. Lay out the black and white cards in front of you:
2. After thinking about a vital question or situation, draw any three cards at random and place them on top of the black and white cards:
3. By turning over the cards, you will learn what is the meaning of difficult situations, not only in the present or in the past, but also in the future, what are their main lessons and how to overcome them.
This kit will help you:
see the essence of your situation; understand its meaning, the main lessons;
solve the problem and achieve the goal;
lift your mood, find the resources to overcome difficult situations.
Cards contribute to:
relaxation and relaxation;
improve your mood;
development of reflection and associative memory.
These maps are of the associative (projective/metaphorical) type.
They can be used:
in a private consultation with a psychologist;
at training sessions;
independently, at home.
The set consists of 34 cards.
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