It all started in 2017 in Russia in a small town called Krasnodar. A psychologist, Ph.D., together with a designer from a printing house, developed the first innovative deck, which, working on the principle of the M. Lusher test, could decipher the subconscious of a person in different spheres of life: “We wanted to create something unique. The usual psychological tests are very tedious and difficult not only in the survey but also in the processing of the results. And one card of standard metaphoric cards can have very different meanings, depending on the associations of different people. Therefore, we wanted to create cards easily deciphered and, at the same time, had certain meanings.” The deck called “Magic Cards” made a splash first in Krasnodar and then throughout Russia. Then there were such decks as “Psychological Amour,” ” Psychological Wizard,” and many others, which also appealed to the Russian audience. Currently, our metaphoric cards are trendy in Russia. Our decks have brought benefits and joy to many people!

As a result, we decided to translate our decks into English so that other people can also evaluate their effectiveness and usefulness. We hope that our metaphoric cards will be helpful in other countries.