Our Authors

Our decks of metaphoric cards are basing on science methodologies (cognitive psychotherapy, positive psychotherapy, fairy-tale therapy). Such a solid, exclusively scientific psychological basis makes our maps a powerful tool and a magnificent help in the hands of any psychologist. Come and make sure for yourself!
Dvorshchenko Valery – graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of St. Petersburg State University in 1969. For many years he worked in engineering psychology and ergonomics for the needs of the military-industrial complex. In the 25th year, he worked as a clinical psychologist at hospital No. 3, named after I.I. Skvortsova-Stepanova. Author of the “Personal Accentuation Test” and the “Diagnostic Test of Personal Disorders.”
Leonid Wenger (May 26, 1925, Kharkiv – June 17, 1992, Moscow) – Soviet and Russian psychologist, one of the leading researchers in the mental development of preschoolers. Doctor of Psychological Sciences (1968), Professor (1973).

Suprunova Olga is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist who has been practicing psychotherapy since 2012. She practices child and adult consultations, conducts psychological training such as “Male and female psychology,” “Psychology of resilience,” “Psychology of fatal and mutual love.” She is the author of the monograph “The Resilience of a Modern Woman” in 2015, “Psychology of Fatal and Mutual Love” in 2018, “Psychological Pharmacy.” Author’s diplomas: