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So far, a small number of items for psychologists have to present in our online store. However, at the same time, our products are characterized by high quality and verification by scientific research. We offer high-quality psychological literature and metaphorical card decks for psychologists.
Today, there are so many different decks of metaphorical maps that it is pretty tricky to choose a certain one. What is the difference and advantage of our decks? Our decks are not just metaphors and associations. It is also a transcript of the subconscious.
Thanks to such tools, each psychologist and psychotherapist will not only be able to understand their clients better. Still, they will also open the way for them to self-knowledge and wisdom, and this is a new level of professional psychological advice. Such an effective consultation, using our metaphorical maps, will help a person solve his problems, make him happier, teach him to realize and manage his emotions and inner world.
If you are a practicing psychologist or psychotherapist, or if you are starting your professional career, if you want to help your clients effectively, discover decks with the decoding of the subconscious. You will become not only a more successful psychologist but also a more joyful and happy person! After all, each deck is an excellent and effective tool in psychological consultation and a fantastic means of awareness and self-knowledge. Each deck facilitates the work of a psychologist at times. In addition, it fascinates, makes it multifaceted, saturated and exciting.
If you do not understand psychology at all or understand a little, our decks will become for you an excellent tool for self-knowledge, personal growth, helping yourself and loved ones.
A little about us:
We understand psychology. For our team, psychology is not just a specialization of a publishing house and an online store but a subject of constant study.
We are for an individual approach. If you have questions about your products, shipping, and payment, or have any problems with your order – call or email us. Our employees will answer your questions and help resolve problem situations.

We deliver orders around the world. Our online store offers a variety of delivery options.
We are connoisseurs of metaphoric cards and therefore carefully monitor their quality.
Our publishing house is small, but we have outstanding employees and beautiful maps and books.
We hope that you will be comfortable shopping in our online store! If you have comments on the work of the site, then let us know. We are constantly improving the site, but for this, we need feedback.