Currently, the following methods of delivering books and card decks are possible:
Prepaid Mail Delivery
Our online store provides mail orders worldwide.
The order’s delivery time is usually from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the distance of your region from Russia.
At the moment, in our online store you can choose several ways to pay for an order:
You pay with a credit card on the site, and only after that, we send it to you. When you choose prepaid postage, you must fill in the address (required with index!) and Contact Person fields in the Order Form.
For legal entities, there is a “Bank transfer”: you place an order (in the comments, you need to write the details of your organization and what documents you need), and within 1-2 working days, you receive an invoice for payment.
The due date for the invoice is ten business days. After the money comes to us, the order will send to the post office.
Please note the features of this shipping type:
You first pay for the entire order, and only then do we send it to you.
In case you have not received notification of confirmation of the order or letters with details for payment, as well as if you have any other questions about postal delivery, please contact our manager by phone at
8 (964) 9356873
OPTION 2. PayPal
You pay for an order on the site using the PayPal payment system, and after that, we send your order to the specified address.
OPTION 3. Pay with credit card transfer
You can pay by transferring money to our manager’s card. After the money arrives, we send the order.
Pay attention! We have a money-back guarantee, so you may not worry.