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Love calculator or how to find out how long a romantic relationship will last

According to psychology, the compatibility of men and women largely depends on the types of partners. Today, psychology is able to calculate with mathematical accuracy what future awaits you, based on the type of partner.
So, there are 14 main psychological types of men and women that can be interoperable in different ways. Some types will not be compatible at all. Others will be compatible for a short time according to the scenario of fatal love. And others will be well and long compatible according to the scenario of mutual love.
Let’s try to reason logically and predict what compatibility the following pairs might expect?

  • 1. Jack and Rosa from the Titanic?
    She is a dramatic type, he is an adventurous type, which means that a dramatic type + adventurous type = a relationship of fatal love
    According to the psychological classification, alas, this relationship would not last long, because it belongs to the dramatic type, and it belongs to the adventurous type. Therefore, a relationship of fatal love would await them. And if they even stayed together, their couple would not have existed for a long time. Consider another example.
  • 2.Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from c/f “Aladdin”
    Dramatic Type + Adventurous Type = Fatal Relationships
    And again we have the same picture: it belongs to the dramatic type, and it belongs to the adventurous. In the film, we are forced to believe that they lived “happily ever after,” but psychology tells us that yes, there would be passionate love between them, however, it would not last as long as it wanted, alas (dramatic type + adventurous type = relationship fatal love).
    Do all films deceive us? Let’s take another example.
  • 3. Ella and the prince from c/f “Cinderella”
    She is an altruistic type, he is an idle type, which means = happy love and long relationships.
    Here the film did not lie, because Cinderella really belongs to the altruistic type, and the prince to the idle type. Idle type + Altruistic type = long and happy relationship.

4. Tina and Stanley from the Mask
He is a dramatic type and she is a dramatic type, alas, again fatal love
What do we see in the end? It belongs to the dramatic type, and it, when it is in a mask, also belongs to the dramatic type, and again the formula is: dramatic type + dramatic type = fatal short relations, but! At the end of the film, the main character says goodbye to the mask and becomes himself, which means that he is not a dramatic type, but a lonely type, which means that they still expect a long and happy relationship. Consider the last example:

Jady and Lucas from the series “Clone”
Dramatic Type + Adventurous Type = Fatal Love
We all remember the beautiful love story of Jady and Lucas, who, as a result, even became husband and wife. The film says that they eventually stayed together, however, in life, they nevertheless broke up. Why? In fact, everything is simple: she is a dramatic type, he is an adventurous type. Again the relationship of fatal love.

All this, friends, I learned from the psychological compatibility calculator (metaphorical cards on psychology). This calculator can calculate any relationship.

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