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Meanings of difficult situations or how to find a way out of any trouble

We always wonder what this or that situation is for. Of course, I would always like to live in endless happiness, and when difficulties come, the question usually concerns: “Why? For what? ” Today we will talk about the meanings of difficulties and why they are given to us from a psychological point of view.

So one day, a girl came to my appointment and told her childhood story about how she was injured in a pioneer camp. The whole thing was that the girl, as I understood, was jealous, because then she often went happy and even, as other girls said, she slept with a smile on her lips. This caused envy from some girls and they decided to arrange a “sweet life” for her.
“Why did they do this to me?” she asked me. “I did nothing wrong with them?” She tried to find the meaning of this situation, and in the end decided: “Everything is clear to me. Probably, I should have become tougher, not as soft as I was, and then everything would have been different. “
To which I replied to her: “Your situation is clear to me. If you want to figure it out, and find its meaning, take it, “and I handed her the” Psychological Wizard”

These are cards that contain answers to just such questions. What do you think the Illusionist said to her? He told her that she had a Cold Heart situation. The situation when, out of injustices or other difficulties, a person decides to become tougher (which she just wanted to do then). A person in such a situation does not understand that the whole thing is not about injustice and not about the imperfection of the world, but about the fact that viruses of evil and resentment penetrate into the human soul. The way out of this situation is actually to look for a completely different one!

Then my consultation helped this girl a lot, and she was able to overcome her childhood psychological injury, look at her with completely different eyes.
If you are wondering what the meaning of these or other difficulties is, why and why they are given to you, click on the link, and you will find answers to your questions:

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