Психологические товары

Psychological Amour or how to find out without wondering on a chamomile how your boyfriend treats you

Tired of wondering on a chamomile “loves-dislikes”? Want to know how your favorite person treats you? Does it suit you, and do you understand each other? Today I will talk about how I do this and help my clients do this at my psychological consultation.
In this, I am helped by the cards “Psychological Amour.” What is their meaning? A girl or woman chooses cards in order of sympathy, thinking about her young man. Then, in the book reads the transcript. The result is always more conscious behavior in relationships.
Cards are built on various attitudes and scenarios of love, and therefore always effectively “tell” how their beloved person treats them. And these scenarios are enough, for example, “craze and love,” “second wedding,” “female loneliness,” “dramatic love…” Therefore, in order not to guess, but to know for sure, you need to spread out these cards and read the transcript, and everything will become clear!

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